Buying a used car can be stressful, especially if this is your first car purchase or it’s been a while. However, going through a dealership can sometimes make that task easier, and with the right tips, you can make the process as smooth as possible. Before you head into one of the best Boise used car dealers, here are some tips that can help make the process more straightforward.

Check the Model Year

Depending on the dealership and the model, you might have various model years to choose from, and older models tend to go for less money. There are some caveats, such as if a certain model year was known to be better than later models and vice-versa. Be sure to check what was standard on those model years, as you might accidentally miss out on something you want, like Apple CarPlay, a backup camera, or other features. Research this information before searching for Boise used trucks and cars dealerships so you know which model years are best for you.

Evaluate Suggestions From the Sales Team

Used car salespeople have it in their best interest to find the right car for you. Listening to their suggestions for similar cars, especially ones with better features for the same price, might be worth your time. You might not know of other cars, but a knowledgeable salesperson will. You might drive off the lot with a nicer car than you expected, and there may be deals or incentives you were unaware of when you walked in.

Go on a Weekday

Is there a “right” time to shop for a car? There is. In fact, it might be better to visit Nampa used car dealers on a weekday. Dealerships are usually less busy on weekdays, meaning you will get more attention from a salesperson. They’ll have more time to help you find the perfect car, being able to go over various options with you. While the best dealerships offer quality service no matter the day of the week, if you can visit on a weekday, you might have a better experience.

Save Time Over the Phone

If you have picked out a car, such as online, you might want to call ahead. Try to do as much paperwork as you can over the phone. You should have already worked out a price and gone for a test drive in the car. Instead of spending hours in the showroom, you could be in and out in less than an hour, driving your new-to-you car home.

Don’t Skip the Test Drive

Speaking of test drives, do not buy any car without going for a test drive. See how that specific car handles and whether there is anything that might be a red flag. Bring the people who will regularly be in the car with you for the test drive. Is your spouse comfortable in the car? Does your teenager fit in the back seat, or is there no legroom? How well does the car actually play music from your phone? It’s better to have these answers before signing a purchase agreement so you know this is 100% the car for you.


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